Virtual Home Buying Seminar with Don Dedo

Virtual Home Buying Seminar

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to close, our home buying workshop offers everything you need to know as you prepare to buy a home:

  •  Understand your costs upfront
  •  Determine a price range that’s comfortable for you
  •  Find out how a real estate agent can help you
  •  Learn how your credit score can impact your loan
  •  Organize paperwork for a smoother loan process

What types of loans are available ?

There are MANY Loan programs to choose from!

  •  FHA
  •  VA
  •  USDA

How are a pre-qualification and a pre-approval different?

  Is informal and can be done over the phone

        i) No obligation

       ii) No paperwork

       iii) Ballpark figure

  •   Is a formal commitment to lend
  •  The lender collects all required documents to verify your income, assets & credit.
  •  Gives you a definite idea of what you can afford
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